An expat blog dedicated to my life and times living in Spanglish in Madrid, Spain. Recommendations, Experiences and Adventures.

Sharing My Fav Spanish Finds with Everyone!

An Expat blog about my life abroad and my recommendations to those visiting, living in or just curious about Madrid, Spain.

La Guiri's Adventures

My personal expat Adventures in and around Madrid, Spain and the rest of the world! Get to know me better and get a glimpse at my life here in Madrid as an expat abroad. I love sharing from time to time the things that I've done, the wonderful people I have met along the way and hope you will enjoy reading all about it!

La Guiri's Recommendations

These are the places and events that I love in Madrid and around Spain and will continuously promote and support. This blog originally started with only this intention and over time has grown into so much more! But at the base of it all, LaGuiriHabla is a blog about informing people (local and foreign) about great finds in Madrid and around Spain!

La Guiri's Vlogs & La Guiri Sings

A place for you to see me and for me to entertain you!                    The Video Blogs are meant to showcase the Expat's experience in Spain in a lighthearted and comical way.  The different series' will be set around different topics related to the Spanish culture. And La Guiri Sings is a place for me to showcase my love of music and performing for all of you! 

Come Now....Just Go On Ahead & Follow Me!

Come Now....Just Go On Ahead & Follow Me!


La Guiri's Fav 'Guiri' Blogs:

Share the love ya'll and check 'em out!!! 

Amazing Expats in Madrid and around Spain doing great things and blogging about it!    (*There are also some great Spanish blogs that I love in this mix too!)

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